Org. Development & Collaboration

Career Development Discussion Workshop

There are many difficulties, big or small, regarding communication within organizations. Especially in terms of vertical communication, the main cause maybe the different viewpoints and interests between leaders and members. This program is about Career Development which provides an opportunity of communication with both leaders and team members on discussing and improving own tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, and visions.

Core Values Marble Game

There are many factors that a member of an organization should understand such as the direction & goals of the organization, management philosophy and core values, and the organizational structure of per company. It is essential for members of the same team to synergize for the growth and survival of the organization. By utilizing board games, this program allows all members of an organization to recognize the values and principles of organizational management in a clear and fun way.

Pirates of Creativity

In a rapidly changing market environment, all companies and organizations feel the necessity of innovation through the manifestation of their creativity. Rather than relying solely on individual creativity, a strategy is needed to create creativity in an organization through executive and propelling power. This program is a new type of active workshop that finds the creativity tools which lead to innovated ideas by ‘bumping’ & ‘conflicting’ with other pirates who are searching for the buried treasure.

Smart Meeting Workshop

Numerous meetings in an organization are considered necessary evils. Although it is necessary to gather ideas from various perspectives to form the right purpose and direction, but meetings may seem unproductive and time consuming for those involved. This program is a workshop program that allows members of an organization to learn how to conduct smart meetings in accordance with organizational goals.

Effective Team Building Workshops

All in all, an organization is a team designed to form synergy through collaboration for rapid decision-making and execution.

In an organization, an employee maybe part of numerous team as either a member or a leader.

In order to successfully carry out the team’s purpose, the mechanism and promises within the team must pull through.

This program will help leaders to organize teams through motivation and team building exercises.

Team Visioning Workshop

Is your team making sufficient effort to improve on its own?

Is your team aware of the goals set by the organization?

Although members of your team may be able to see the bi picture, can they adapt through change?

Are the goals, reasons, visions, values, and tasks of your team well aligned?

Through the Team Visioning Workshop, teams will be able to improve on: Self-Leadership, Learning Ability, and Goal Alignment.

Customer Value Creation Workshop

The reason for an organization's existence is to provide value to customers purchasing the goods and services of the organization.

This program is a workshop that enables employees to learn the characteristics of customer values, principles, and methods and centering it around their customers.

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

So far, organizations have been focusing on improving and training its member’s weaknesses and various capabilities.

However, if the organization provides support for fostering the potential strengths of its members, it will increase self-esteem and the possibility of synergy within the organization.

This program is a workshop that discovers the strengths of individuals through positive questions and finds ways to utilize these strengths to benefit an organization.

Brand Loyalty Workshop

Organizations hope that their customers continue to use their products and services through their loyalty towards that brand.

But, this loyalty must first come from the staff, rather than the consumer.

The higher level of brand loyalty the staff express, the more influence it will have on the costumer rather than mere sales’ skills.

This program will bring more value to your brand to show to your customer.

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