Leadership & Management

Essential Leadership

Leadership is not merely imitating the actions of famous leaders.

You will be able to demonstrate your own leadership by applying flexible and adaptable practices based external variables.

This program provides the opportunity to reflect on leaders’ sense, feelings, and thoughts in order to utilize his / her leadership for the external environment.

New Leader on Boarding

The success of a new leader depends on how the first 90 days are spent.

Depending on your leadership strengths & experience, it is possible to succeed in benefiting an organization while receiving support from top leaders.

This program assists new leaders adapt successfully during their new leadership process.

Developing Frontline Leaders

Leaders are responsible for developing their team to achieve high performance goals within an organization.

In particular, frontline leaders need to directly motivate individual members to understand their leadership strengths and help them learn how to communicate & collaborate with other members.

Rational Decision Making Skill-up

Leaders experience many decision-making moments, and the momentary decision-making comes back to the organization and the individuals with either great profits or losses.

This program provides the opportunity for leaders who make important decisions in organizations to learn skills that can make rational decision making considering the various factors involving hidden issues and variables.

Performance Management Leadership

The leader is responsible for achieving and accomplishing organizational goals by motivating team members to perform to their fullest potential.

To accomplish this, leaders needs to learn how to set goals, coach, evaluate, and provide feedback to members during this performance management process.

Performance Coaching Leadership

Acting as a coach to team members is a very essential component in leadership.

Particularly, leaders should be able to improve the performance of team members, through daily conversation and by providing constructive feedback.

In this program, leaders can learn how to nurture members through coaching in order to achieve organizational goals autonomously.

Behavior Based Interview Skills

‘How can we select the ideal employee?’

Although there maybe some controversy regarding the importance of selecting and fostering talent, it is important to accurately evaluate the talent of potential candidate.

This program helps Interviewers to improve their recruiting skills through job interviews to assess applicants' competencies and potential.

Team Motivation Skill-up

Leaders need to motivate members in order to lead them in the direction set by the organization.

The factors that motivate members are applied differently depending on the tendencies and circumstances of people.

This program allows leaders identify and implement motivational strategies that suit their own organizational contexts.

Situational Leadership

There is no right answer to leadership.

Simply because leaders have their own styles, and different circumstances surrounding the leader and the members of the organization.

Effective leadership may vary depending on time and situations.

This program will help leaders demonstrate leadership skills to learn and apply the skills needed to set up and execute their own leadership strategy for various situations.

Roles of Leader

In order to fulfill their roles and responsibilities, leaders must understand the needs of the organization and its members to respond to their needs in an effective manner.

In this course, leaders will learn the ‘Five Elements of Leadership’ required to improve the performance of the organization and develop the necessary skills to achieve results that are accompanied by the satisfaction of the members.

Leading High-Performance Teams

A team's performance will improve when the abilities of the members are utilized and synergized to reach organizational goals.

In this program, leaders will acquire the necessary skills needed to maximize team members’ participation and ability to boost teamwork, efficiency, and collaboration.

Creative Leadership of Innovation

A new style of leadership is fundamental within this rapidly changing environment.

In particular, for the survival of an organization, leadership is required as an innovator that can bring out the creativity of team members.

In this program, leaders will learn the characteristics and skills needed to create more value within an organization.

Change Management Leadership

Organizations must constantly change to survive in this rapidly changing market environment.

However, when these changes are applied without considering the psychological factors of the organizational members, it may hurt the overall team performance. Therefore, leaders should always be mindful of organizational change and energy mobilization. This program teaches the roles and skills for leaders to pursue in order to align members' energy to change orientation and lead them to a future-oriented organization

Middle Management Leadership

Although each organization may differ, managers, also known as ‘Gwa-Jang’, play a very important role within an organization.

Therefore, it is necessary to change expectations and behaviors different from senior Members.

This program recognizes the changing expectations of the organization, establishes personal change behaviors, and improves future leadership.

Self Leadership with my own brand

This course is designed to help participants understand who they really are.

Reflective questions such as "What is my vision?" And "What motivates me?" guides participants to find their strengths and how they utilize their own leadership for the benefit for their future.

DOPIX  'Connecting the Dots, Blending the Pixels'