Professional & Personal Abilities

Logical Thinking for Problem Solving

It is no surprise that organizations face problematic situations on a daily basis that need to be analyzed and resolved through problem solving.

This program analyzes key causes of problems which can be solved by using logical thinking to solve problems within an organization while improving individual’s work performance.

Design Thinking Workshop

Organizations are looking for ways to work creatively and efficiently to provide more value for their customers. This course enables participants to learn and apply the principles and processes of ‘Design Thinking’, a new way of thinking that creates new value and a new way of working to create new ideas through horizontal communication

Creative Value Inside

We are now living in an era where creativity seem mostly intuitive and improvisational. However, this creativity can be sustained by constantly creating valuable ideas. We must analyze creativity factors and prepare ourselves verse the competition. This program provides opportunities for learning about the creative process and approach to creative ideas.

Strategic Thinking

A large number of organizations experience tasks that are assigned from the top without a clear sense of purpose and communication. It seems as if only top executives understand this ‘strategy.’ However, if organizational members do not think strategically about the purpose and outcome of their work, they may head in the wrong direction from organizational goals and purposes. This program improves the skills of employees of all levels to think strategically in order to work effectively and efficiently.

Business Visual Thinking

Rather than expressing thoughts in writing and sentences, expressing information and ideas using text and pictures can help an employee communicate more intuitively and thoroughly.

Through this program, you can learn how to think visually for more effective methods of communication and presentation within real life situations.

Presentation Skill ‘AtoZ’

Expressing one’s thoughts to others is a very important aspect for effective communication.

Furthermore, business presentations must be prepared and executed properly in order to achieve objectives within a limited amount of time.

This program enables participants to enhance their individual PT skills and improve on any disadvantages they have which then leads to ‘winning communication’ to persuade their audience.

Personal Presentation Clinic

Every so often, there will be unexpected situations where you may have to prepare a ‘last minute’ presentation.

Particularly regarding important decision making issues/reports, the burden becomes even greater due to the lack of time and preparation.

This course is a short term personalized presentation skill enhancement coaching program tailored to teaching important presentation topics and situations that individuals need to present through their own style/color.

Business Writing

Communication within an organization is often documented.

Therefore, it is very important to be able to clearly write various documents such as reports, manuals, and e-mails without any misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

This program enables participants to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills that can systematically organize logical business documents used in today’s business environment.

Report Communication Skill

Many organizations require countless hours preparing reports.

A systematic organization allows the decision maker (boss) to make the right decision to increase the work flow process, yet it maybe considered the most unnecessary task and causes stress for employees.

In this program, participants can learn how to organize and run reports tailored to the strategy and logic of the decision maker’s (boss) precise intentions.

Smart Negotiation

In the business world, employees will be involved in the process of advising a sizeable deal, realigning corporate strategy, settling major disputes, or juggling multiple constituencies.

It is important to have a willingness to prepare and set high expectations to become an effective negotiator.

This program provides the system and skills to negotiate to lead to win-win results that will benefit both parties involved.

CS Excellence: Customer Satisfaction

Customers must be able to recognize value in order for businesses to become sustainable. It is crucial for employees to be aware of the value provided to customers.

Customer values may change throughout time, therefore employees need to be able to analyze, diagnose, and provide the value the customer seeks.

This program provides an understanding of the characteristics of customer value and how to keep your customer satisfied.

Smart Time Management

The main reason for inefficient time management is the lack of understanding time management skills and/or methods.

In this program, participants will learn time management skills according to personal will and value.

Smart Facilitation Skill

Although participating in meetings may be beneficial and will increase efficiency within an organization, some members also believe that they are a waste of time.

This program provides effective facilitation skills that successfully guide group communication needed to lead in the right direction for solving organizational problem solving.

Expert Way

Within an organization, some individuals are recognized as experts while others are not.

This program will allow participants to grow into experts and be recognized for their expertise.

By sharing secrets of real life experts, participants will be able to accomplish and fulfill a personal sense of reward and pride.

Professionalism 101: Business Manner

Business success is often influenced by invisible attitudes and behaviors - business manner.

However, these basic traits are not formally taught but are only learned through a matter of experience.

This program is designed to give participants who start their professional career an opportunity to learn more about business manner and other external aspects to become successful in the real world.

My personal brand box

This course is designed to help participants understand who they really are.

Reflective questions such as "What is my vision?" And "What motivates me?" guides participants to find their strengths and how they utilize their own leadership for the benefit for their future.

DOPIX  'Connecting the Dots, Blending the Pixels'