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Storage process.

Upon arrival each car is thoroughly inspected and any damage or notable marks are logged and photographed. The MOT, tax expiry date and date of next service are noted on file. Protective covers are fitted to the seats, steering wheel and floor mats. At this point you can specify extra work which you may wish us to carry out while your car is in storage such as detailing, wheel refurbishment, PPF application or servicing, all of which we do on site meaning your car never has to leave our care. Standard storage cars undergo basic preparation, where the exterior is carefully washed and dried and premium storage cars are fully valeted. Tyre pressures and anti-freeze strength are checked and adjusted for storage, the vehicle sited in our indoor holding area for 24hrs to dry before being moved to its space, thus cleaning the brakes from any surface rust. Once sited the battery is disconnected or connected to a battery monitor and the vehicle is covered. During storage, all cars are inspected weekly for tyre deflation or fluid leakage, which will be rectified immediately and the owner notified with a request for further instructions to take corrective action. Cars on one of our monthly or bi-monthly dynamic storage plans are started, ran up to temperature and on dry days lightly excerceised in our yard or driven on a short circuit of local roads. As and when the MOT is nearing expiry we contact the owner with the aim of booking it into our own on site MOT testing station. We will give the car a pre-test inspection, reporting any relevant defects to you for instructions. Any post test rectification necessary will be carried out in good time for the car's return to you. When it comes time for your car to leave storage, its brought to our indoor handover area, fluids are checked and topped up and tyre pressures are returned to manufacture specification.

Our storage facility, security and insurance.

All storage is in purpose built, modern, weather tight, rodent controlled, high security buildings of fire-resistant and anti-intrusion construction, on a single site for optimised surveillance and security. The site is fully protected against intrusion, with enhanced perimeter security, by state of the art alarm systems and monitored CCTV, with direct links giving immediate Police and Fire response. The buildings are fully insurance approved for the storage of valuables. During its stay in our care, you should maintain Fire, Theft and Accidental Damage (storage cover) insurance for the vehicle with your Insurers. Should you prefer to cease your insurance, we shall be pleased to arrange suitable cover via our own Insurers at very competitive rates, which are probably lower than private customers would be quoted.

Autostore has full Motor Trade Insurance cover for ourselves and our employees liabilities towards your property while in our care or being transported by our staff.

Car taxation and registration.

An integral part of Autostore's service is to take the inconvenience of car documentation and bureaucracy out of your hands whilst we care for your car. If requested we'll do all that is necessary with the DVLA for you including taxing or declaring SORN. We are happy to help with registration of imported vehicles including arranging collection from shipping agents.

Extras tariff.

Dynamic Storage

  • Supply Ctek battery charger: Standard - from £40 / Lithium - £120
  • Stage 1 maintenance, start car, run up to temperature, lightly excercise brakes and transmission in our clean yard and check fluids - £22.50
  • Stage 2 maintenance, start car, run up to temperature, drive an 8 mile circuit of local roads using all gears and excercising brakes, test aircon, all motors, actuators and ancillary systems and check fluids - £35
  • Refuel - £at cost
Aditional In-store Service
  • Supply fitted soft car cover: Small - £125 / Medium - £140 / Large - £160
  • Tax vehicle / SORN declaration - £FOC
  • MOT testing in our on site MOT station including pre test inspection - £50
  • Mini valet, inc dressings and glass cleaning, when car is returned to storage - £20-£50
Collection, Delivery and Transportation
  • Transport to and from local train stations (KingsX or Liverpool St lines) - £FOC
  • Transport of owner to/from Heathrow - £120 (other airports by quotation)
  • Transport of owner to/from Stansted Airport or Luton Airport - £50
  • Collection/Delivery of car at Heathrow (driven, plus airport parking charges) - £135 (other airports by quotation)
  • Collection/Delivery of car at Stanstead Airport or Luton Airport (driven, plus airport parking charges) - £60
  • Collection/Delivery of car in the UK / Europe by our driver - £POA
  • Collection/Delivery of car in the UK / Europe by our covered transporter: (distances reckoned & charged from Cambridge) - £POA
  • Out of hours, weekend or bank holiday collection / delivery - £POA
Payment method: Cash, Cheque, Credit / Debit Card or Bank Transfer in any negotiable currency at the rate of exchange applying on the day of payment. All charges must be paid in full at the end of any storage period prior to vehicle removal.

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