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‘Connecting the Dots, Blending the Pixels’


Welcome to DOPIX, where we believe in 'Knowledge Sharing' & 'Cross-Cultural Integration' to provide value for our clients.





DOPIX is specialized in creating & providing corporate training programs & educational workshops to increase both skill & performance.


From a belief that knowledge must be shared in order to have value, we focus on collaborating with our clients to provide customized training programs, workshops & consulting services in order to create that value.


Our Slogan, ‘Connecting the Dots, Blending the Pixels,’ is based on the core essence of Knowledge Sharing (Connecting the Dots) & Intercultural Training (Blending the Pixels) to form a unified community in society.


We have developed consulting services and organizational development programs which focus on knowledge and culture to not only solve business issues, but also enhance employee competencies in the work place.


(주)이액티브: 에니어그램 워크샵 기사

February 27, 2019

충남대학교: 재학생 직무역량 강화 교육

January 30, 2019

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Customized programs which fit your corporation’s needs


Our customized training programs include not only principles and theories regarding increasing employee competencies, but also hands on applications needed for organizational development in all situations.

Gamification Learning

By applying/integrating gamification to the educational training programs, which include both board & card games, employees can better understand the mechanisms and concepts required for the development of organizational culture.  

Never stop improving yourself

By utilizing DOPIX program contents & ‘Job Aids’, You can continue to develop & improve related skills through motivation to recognize your level of competency in the workplace.  

Experience Education on a global scale


Participants can experience content and mechanisms of global standards designed based on Principles of Adult Learning & motivational theories.




Leadership & Management
DOPIX Leadership & Management programs provide organizational leaders and managers with ‘self-reflection’ opportunities to improve their leadership/management skills and develop and fulfill their organizational management capabilities.
Sales & Commercial
DOPIX Sales / Commercial programs provide basic mind / skill learning for sales business and opportunities for capacity building to continuously improve your company's sales performance
Organizational Development & Collaboration

DOPIX Organizational Development & Collaboration programs provide solutions for organizational issues by providing communication opportunities which create higher value within an organizational culture.

Functional Expertise
DOPIX Functional Expertise programs provide learning opportunities to enhance professional competencies of roles & responsibilities within the organization
Professional & Personal 
DOPIX Professional & Personal Abilities programs provide a variety of competency learning opportunities which enable members of an organization to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. (Business Thinking, Communication Skill, Collaboration Skills, etc.)
Consulting Service
DOPIX Consulting Service programs helps diagnose & resolve business problems within your organization.
To learn more about our service offerings, please fill out the form below and a consulting professional will contact you

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E-mail: info@dopix.net

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Frequenly Asked Questions

What is DOPIX?

DOPIX (Dot & Pixel) is an Educational Consulting Company specializing in Professional Training & Coaching.

  • We provide programs to improve the competency of organization members to create value and achieve corporate goal

  • We provide consulting services and organizational activation programs to resolve/improve business issues

  • We provide fun and fresh cultural event programs that contributes to the happiness of humanity

What is OWL School?


Geared towards Educational Institutions (Schools, Academies, Learning Centers), OWL Schools represents Outstanding, Wisdom, & Leadership (OWL) for students.

We provide customized, hands-on training programs for students to develop skills to utilize for their future.

How can I receive consultation regarding training programs?

Under the ‘Contact Us’ tab, please provide us with your Company, Name, Email & any questions/comments you may have regarding DOPIX Training Programs & a consulting professional will contact you.

DOPIX  'Connecting the Dots, Blending the Pixels'